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Naming cars after the most famous winds in the world is a tradition at Maserati. It continues with a new SUV, named after the fierce northeast wind of the Mediterranean Sea: The Grecale.

The new Grecale is powered by the spirit of everyday adventure with everything you would expect of a Maserati SUV. From balanced and harmonic exterior lines to best-in-class top speed, it will leave you in awe with its incredible comfort, opulent interiors and superior rear seat roominess.

Three trims have been introduced as part of the new Grecale Range: GT, Modena and Trofeo.
The GT trim, powered by a four-cylinder mild hybrid engine capable of delivering 296 hp, elegantly underlines the original Maserati charm and elegance.

The exotic details of the Grecale GT gracefully express the brand’s passion for luxurious details and ever-so-visible Italian style.

The versatility of the Grecale comes to life with the Modena trim. Embodying a sporty, urban, and contemporary spirit, the Modena boasts a four-cylinder mild hybrid 325-hp engine.

The Grecale Trofeo powered by a high-performance 523-hp V6 based on the MC20 derived
Nettuno engine, takes everyday adventures to the next level with its raw power and exceptional

An imposing, signature Maserati grille characterizes the distinctive front view. The profile catches the eye with its detailed work on the hood.

The interiors of the Grecale are a fusion of functionality and luxury. The interior is inspired by the concept of a clean, modern and emotive design, with room for new technology.

The new Grecale embodies Maserati’s all-Italian audacity in making luxury and performance part of the daily routine.

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