Ferrari Challenge returns to Homestead Miami Speedway

All photos by: World Red Eye

The Ferrari Challenge returned to Homestead-Miami Speedway for an exciting race weekend on September 6-8. The Collection Ferrari and Ferrari of Miami opened its doors at 7:00 a.m. for the annual Ferrari Challenge kick-off breakfast. Upon arriving at The Collection, each guest was gifted a polo and hat to sho

w off their Ferrari pride as we cheered on our team at our home track. Once inside, guests were greeted by Ferrari ambassadors who explained what to expect in the thrilling day ahead. Guests were invited to enjoy a delicious breakfast and indulge cappuccinos, lattes and espressos hand painted with the Ferrari Cavalino by an onsite artist.

At 8:30 a.m. over 70 Ferrari’s filled the streets of Coral Gables, as smoke bombs were pulled to signal the official launch of the police-led caravan to Homestead-Miami Speedway. The streets were roaring as the Ferrari’s took off with the Florida Highway Patrol.

Onlookers marveled as the cars zoomed by. It was a sight to see as the drivers arrived to Homestead-Miami led by over eight Florida Highway Patrol officers. After entering the track, guests were welcomed at THE COLLECTION Challenge trailer where they were invited to meet our challenge drivers and our Ferrari Challenge team, TR3 racing. For the Formula 1 fanatics a plasma TV screen was set up in the trailer showcasing the Formula 1 race in Monza, where Ferrari took home first place.

Ferrari owners, family members, friends and spectators had the opportunity to drive their Ferrari’s on the Homestead track, enjoy Ferrari’s world-famous hospitality, and take a close and personal look at the racing paddock and Challenge garages. Following the race, clients took on the track to open up their own Ferrari’s in time-slotted lapping sessions that were available to owners only. The two-day event wrapped up with a two podium win for our challenge driver Benjamin Hites who took first place on Saturday and Sunday.