#FITNESSDRIVE305 X Anatomy X Jaguar I-PACE

All photos by: World Red Eye

THE COLLECTION has partnered again World Red Eye with this time for the #FitnessDrive305. We will be featuring Miami’s fitness elite as they take a drive in one of THE COLLECTION’s hottest vehicles. To continue our partnership we met up with Marc Megna, Co-Owner & Chief Body Architect of Anatomy for a ride in the all-new electric SUV, the 2019 Jaguar I-PACE.

The Massachusetts native settled in Miami where he worked tirelessly to make a name for himself as a fitness trainer, ensuring his efforts could benefit as many people as possible. Megna has trained people from all walks of life including notable clients like Alex Rodriguez, Gabrielle Anwar, Vernon Davis, Rob Gronkowski, Kevin Spacey and Hollywood Film Director Adam Shankman. In 2013, Megna became the co-owner of Anatomy, in collaboration with fitness, sports science and nightlife veterans.

The club offers proprietary fitness programming, influenced by advanced research in strength conditioning and regeneration, designed for members to excel in all aspects of their lives. From personal training, group fitness classes, regeneration and recovery components; Anatomy really is “The Future of Fitness”. With three locations, at Miami Beach, Midtown, and the 1 Hotel South Beach Anatomy continues to push the boundaries. As for the club amenities, they’re anything but typical; ranging from eucalyptus steam room, hot and cold plunges, infrared and cold saunas, facials, Vitamin IV Lounge by VitaSquad, complimentary parking, and more – Anatomy is a space where you can sweat, enhance, and recover all under one roof.

The 2019 Jaguar I-PACE is the first electric performance SUV from Jaguar, its sleek bodywork and cutting-edge interior make it one of the must futuristic vehicles on the market. It was only fitting THE COLLECTION provided Megna to experience the vehicle. Read the full Q&A below, as we caught up with Marc Megna at Anatomy Midtown.

WRE: How is Anatomy more than just your typical gym? What is offered that makes the experience so different?

MM: At Anatomy, we’ve created a culture that is positive, welcoming ,and high energy. People naturally gravitate towards that. We give members the sense of comradery they’re looking for coupled with recovery and regeneration components.

WRE: What is the hardest part of being a trainer?

MM: I’m pretty sure the hardest part of being a trainer for career professionals is that we get one hour of time with a client at a time. We can dedicate a lot of time working on their programming and give them a great workout that’s tailored to their needs, but at the end of the day, the client has another 23 hours of decisions that will ultimately affect their results. I’ve seen trainers get frustrated when they are blamed for their client’s lack of results, when in fact, it was due to lifestyle choices the person made during the time outside of their workouts.

WRE: You’re so cut – do you follow any specific dietary routine? How many times a week do you workout?

MM: I eat relatively clean during the week and a bit loose on the weekends. I train 5-7 times a week. It’s a mix of strength and conditioning. It’s a habit.

WRE: Diet and exercise go hand in hand. How important to maintain both?

MM: Diet is like the car and training is the road that you must stay on to achieve results. You must have both.

WRE: What have you found to be some of the biggest misconceptions about food and fitness that new clients often come to you with when starting out on their health journeys? 

MM: If you train hard you can eat whatever you want. This drives me crazy. You can’t eat poorly and expect to transform your body.

WRE: What would you say are some of the biggest rewards about what you do? Challenges?

MM: Trying to figure out each persons WHY/Motivation. Paying attention to what clients are saying, what’s important to them, and most importantly what they’re not saying. There mental aspect is even bigger than the physical. Knowing what fuels them is the most important part.

WRE: What was your experience like driving around the Jaguar I-PACE?

MM: I had such a fun time driving driving it and I felt really good knowing that it is 100% electric.

WRE: You stated you weren’t a fan of red cars… however, after you drove Jaguar I-PACE everyone was turning heads. How did the Jaguar I-PACE change your perception?

MM: I think of myself as a pretty practical guy and I always thought of colorful cars as “flashy” and not me, but I’ve got to say that I’m now a big fan of color. It was fun to switch it up and step out of my comfort zone.

WRE: During your 6 day experience with the Jaguar I-PACE, what would you say was your favorite part/feature?

MM: My favorite feature was the interior dashboard, I felt like I was in a futuristic movie.

WRE: Give us one piece of advice or motto you try to instill in your clients?

MM: Don’t quit. When you’re tired take a brief rest, but keep going. It’s never that bad and it’s possible.

WRE: Do you have plans on expanding to more location across South Florida? What’s next for you?  

MM: We are currently working on our 4th location as well as a new group fitness concept. You can also expect to see us further developing our relationship with 1 Hotels.