#FITNESSDRIVE305 X Barry’s Bootcamp X Porsche Cayenne



All photos by: World Red Eye

THE COLLECTION partnered again with World Red Eye, this time for the #FitnessDrive305. For the next three weeks, we will be featuring Miami’s fitness elite as they take a drive in one of  our hottest vehicles. To kickoff the partnership, we teamed up with Barry’s Bootcamp Miami trainers Rachel RobinsonKellie Sikorski, and Casey Simmons as they took a drive in the stunning 2019 Porsche Cayenne.

Barry’s Bootcamp is the strength and cardio interval fitness experience that provides an immersive, high-intensity, one-hour workout. With Barry’s Bootcamp three South Florida locations in Miami Beach’s quintessential Sunset Harbour neighborhood, Midtown, and newest location in Aventura; guests can take a break from their hectic days and enter the red room as classes are offered daily from 6AM-8PM. At Barry’s, guests can book “The Original HIIT Workout” (50% treadmill and 50% strength training on the floor) or if you’re not a runner you can choose “The Original Double Floor” workout.  A class at Barry’s is never the same – each day different muscle groups are targeted as instructors guide you through the high intensity class.

Read the full Q&A below as World Red Eye took Barry’s top trainers out of the red room and into the 2019 Porsche Cayenne.

WRE: From start to finish tell us about the typical Barry’s Bootcamp class? 

CS: A class at Barry’s is the best workout experience anyone could ask for. The hype of the music, the dimmed red lighting, the strong, hard-working bodies next to you, and the motivational energy that fills up the Red Room, take you on a ride on an emotional roller coaster. You feel confident in your abilities, you feel strong because you are proving to yourself you can do more than you think, you feel exhausted because no class is easier than the other, you feel sexy because the red lights instill a sense of passion into your workout, you are tired, but always hungry for more; you want to perform, you want to work your ass off, and you want to be the best you can be. You will come out each and every Barry’s class a stronger person, in more ways than one.

WRE: Motivation is key – how does the Barry’s Bootcamp family help keep it’s clients motivated?

KS: I believe there’s nothing more motivating than results. So first we make sure we’re creating a workout that is sure to give you results. We set high standards and encourage you to push yourself to that. Even if you don’t hit speeds or have to take breaks…we encourage…demand honesty in your effort and integrity in your workout. Right under that we create playlists that won’t allow you to sit still even if we paid you!

WRE: How do you get in the zone to teach back to back classes? 

RR: At Barry’s we all love what we do so much – it comes natural. For us it doesn’t feel like a job.

WRE: You started off as a Barry’s client, what inspired you to become an instructor? How has fitness influenced your lifestyle?

CS: I was inspired to become an instructor because I knew I had a passion for exercise and I fell in love with Barry’s from day one. I wanted to be able to be the one that motivated and inspired the clients each and every day to be the best versions of themselves in such an amazing workout environment. Fitness has influenced my lifestyle because it has helped me follow my beliefs in living healthy and active on a daily basis. I have always been an athlete and played sports since I was little, so continuing to keep fitness such a big part of my life, keeps me young, playful, and energized.

WRE: What was your favorite feature of the 2019 Porsche Cayenne?

CS: My favorite feature of the 2019 Porsche Cayenne is the 10-speaker audio system.

WRE: Tell us about your Barry’s lifestyle. When do you workout?

KS: I take a class either just before or after my own. As a mom of two small girls, ages four and seven, as well as a pretty sender personal training clientele base, I have to be extremely intentional with my workouts. So I’ve trained myself to keep my running shoes on me at all times and I just jump in a class before mine or stay and sweat right after I’m done teaching at least four days a week.

WRE: What would your perfect day be in the 2019 Porsche Cayenne? What was your favorite feature? 

KS: One that started with my kids and somehow ended up with friends and family. Perhaps me and my kids would take it to a local museum or the beach… music with volume up the whole way. Enjoy the day. Then head back later and pick up my favorite friends to head out for dinner and dancing…yeah. That’s it. As for my favorite feature, it definitely was the volume button. It was so easy to roll up and down. Also I loved the seats, I felt like a captain! I also am a big fan of all the cool technological features of the middle control panel. In sunny south Florida, the sunroof was also a favorite as it really embodied being a south beach resident with sun and palm trees overhead the entire time.