The Collection Ferrari and Ferrari of Miami Present Portofino M Private Preview Event

All photos by: World Red Eye

From April 12th to April 13th, The Collection Ferrari, and Ferrari of Miami, opened their doors and invited guests to witness and experience a private preview of the all-new Ferrari Portofino M.

Following CDC guidelines and to ensure the safety and well-being of all guests, social distancing and masks were required. With two locations to better serve our community, each guest was welcomed to join us in the location of their choice beginning at The Collection Ferrari on Monday, April 12th and Ferrari of Miami on April 13th. At both locations, guests marveled at the Ferrari Portofino M and shared their admiration for the prancing horse.

The Ferrari Portofino M, which features the legendary ‘M’ suffix, for Modificata, in its name, is the evolution of the Ferrari Portofino. The new Prancing Horse 2+ spider boasts a slew of new technical and design features, most notably an 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox and a five-position Manettino, an absolute first for a Ferrari GT convertible. Plus, drivers will enjoy faster acceleration and a boost to 612 horsepower.  The Ferrari Portofino M is also the symbol of (re)starting point for the Prancing Horses pursuit of innovation while fully respecting its heritage, passion, and constant search for perfection.

All of these values are reflected in the new Ferrari Portofino M where the M in its moniker standing for Modificata which, in Ferrari nomenclature, refers to cars that have undergone an evolution that has boosted their performance. It is undeniable that every drive aboard the Ferrari Portofino M is a voyage of (re) discovery.

Experience our Private Preview at Ferrari of Miami

Immerse yourself into the Portofino M Experience at The Collection